What Size Is Equivalent To A Youth XL?

What size is 158 170 cm?

Size Guide – Nike Older Kids’ ClothingSizeNumeric SizeHeightS8-9128–137 cm 51-55 inM10-12137-147 cm 55-59 inL14-16147-158 cm 59-63 inXL18-20158-170 cm 63-67 in1 more row.

Would a men’s small fit a 12 year old?

Yes they would fit a boy who normally wear’s boys-sized 12 to 14. But, just be aware that not all men’s small are the same size. It is brand dependent. Some brands size their underpants differently than others do.

What size is a Gildan youth small?

SIZING CHART – GILDANBOY’S YOUTH SIZINGXSS4-56-8Chest22-2324-26Waist20-2222-24

Is Youth XL the same as mens XS?

These are for suits and dress shirts. The chest measurement for mens’ XS is smaller than for boys’ XL. … And the mens’ sizes are usually one size bigger than womens’. So a t-shirt in a mens’ S will be about the same size as a woman’s M.

What are Nike Youth sizes?

Nike Size GuideKids ClothingYears6-714-16Chest (inches)25.5-2629.5-32Chest (cm)64.5-6675-81.5Weight (in)23.5-2427-28.52 more rows

What age is XL Junior?

Hummel Junior Size GuideSize – AgeApprox. AgeChest (Cms)MB7 Years to 8 Years64-70LB9 Years to 10 Years70-76XLB11 Years to 12 Years76-802 more rows

What is a youth 3.5 in women’s?

Chart: Kid sizes to Women’s Shoe SizeUS Kids/Youth Shoe SizeUS Women Shoe SizeFoot length (inches)3Y4.5-58 3/83.5Y5-5.58 1/24Y5.5-68 5/84.5Y6-6.58 7/815 more rows

What age is Nike Youth XL?

Scroll horizontally to see more sizes.SizeXSXLNumeric Size6 – 718 – 20Age7 – 813 – 15Height (in.)48 – 5062 – 67Chest (in.)25.5 – 2632 – 352 more rows

Will a youth XL fit a woman?

That’s because kids clothing is cut and fit entirely differently than women’s. However, some women like us can wear both a kid’s size and a women’s size, but they are not equivalent. If you’re a small in women’s, an XL in kids is about right.

Is a youth large a men’s small?

Generally in a shirt, a youth large is shorter in length than an adult small, but the same width as an adult small. Sometimes, the youth large may even be slightly wider than the adult small.