What Does Big W Pay 15 Year Olds?

Can a 14 year old work at McDonald’s?

The minimum age for working at McDonald’s is 14 years old; however, this may be higher depending on varying state laws.

You also may need to obtain a permit or written permission for working if you’re still in school.

Age requirements may also vary by position (managers typically need to be 18 years or older)..

Can a 13 year old work at Walmart?

The minimum age requirement for Walmart employees is 16. Does Walmart Hire at 14? – No. Federal law prohibits minors under 16 from working at Walmart due to their license to sell alcohol and tobacco products.

How much do you get paid at Big W at the age of 15?

As of June 2020 the award rate for a 15-year-old casual retail worker (retail level 1) was $12.04 per hour, while the rate for the same worker at age 21 was $26.76. You can calculate your award rate using the Fair Work Ombudsman’s Pay Calculator.

Can a 13 year old work at Big W?

6 answers. You have to be 14 at least to work at Big w but Big w has had 13 year olds working. … They mostly only hire juniors/ students because they don’t stay long and will never get full-time/part-time work.

What is a good job for a 15 year old?

Here are 15 of the best jobs on the market for 15-year-olds:Tutor. … Busser. … Car Wash Attendant. … Lawn Caretaker. … Document and Photo Scanner/Archiver. … House Cleaner. … Babysitter. … Pet Sitter.More items…

Who pays $15 an hour?

Amazon, Costco, and Target all pay workers at least $15 per hour.

How much do you get paid at Bunnings?

Bunnings Warehouse SalariesJob TitleSalaryBunnings Team Member salaries – 57 salaries reportedA$25/hrSales Floor Team Member salaries – 19 salaries reportedA$25/hrTeam Member salaries – 16 salaries reportedA$25/hrRetail Assistant salaries – 16 salaries reportedA$29/hr16 more rows

How much Kmart pay an hour?

Kmart Casual Hourly Pay The typical Kmart Casual salary is $18. Casual salaries at Kmart can range from $12 – $26.

Can 13 year olds work at Dollar Tree?

At What Age Does Dollar Tree Hire? While many Dollar Tree locations require employees to be at least 18 and have a high school diploma or GED. However, that differs for each state. Some stores hire 16 year-olds with work permits, while others employ minors as young as 13.

Does Taco Bell hire 14?

How old do you need to be to work at Taco Bell? The federal government has a minimum working age of 14. However, the minimum age of employment at Taco Bell is 16.

How much does Big W pay an hour?

Big W SalariesJob TitleSalaryRetail Assistant salaries – 9 salaries reportedA$21/hrCustomer Service Representative salaries – 6 salaries reportedA$24/hrCustomer Service Associate salaries – 6 salaries reportedA$23/hrSales Associate salaries – 6 salaries reportedA$22/hr16 more rows

Can you be 13 and work at Subway?

The general minimum age requirement for Subway employees is 16. Does Subway Hire at 15? – Yes. Some state regulations allow minors as young as 15 to work at Subway.

Can a 15 year old work at McDonald’s?

Does McDonalds Hire at 15? – Yes. Despite federal laws on minors working in food service, McDonalds allows 15-year-olds to work in customer service positions.

How much does a 15 year old get paid at Publix?

15 year olds can work 3 to 4 hours on SCHOOL days and up to 8 hours on non school days the lowest pay is 7.25 the max is…

How much do you get paid at Coles?

The average Coles salary ranges from approximately $38,896 per year for Deli Assistant to $72,148 per year for Retail Sales Assistant. Average Coles hourly pay ranges from approximately $20.00 per hour for Warehouse Worker to $29.59 per hour for Retail Assistant Manager.

How much should a 15 year old get paid per hour?

How much should I be paid? Although some exceptions may apply, in most circumstances you must be paid the federal minimum wage, $7.25 per hour.

How much would a 15 year old get paid at Chick Fil A?

4 answers. 11 dollars. It depends on how long you have worked there but assuming that you just started, you would most likely get paid minimum wage.

Can I work at Chick-Fil-A at 15?

15 years old is the most common minimum age for a Chick-fil-A team member job. Other job roles may require employees to be 16 years old or older. As Chick-fil-A restaurants are independently owned, each restaurant’s minimum hiring age may vary. … Most Chick-fil-A jobs are part-time and paid hourly.