Quick Answer: Why Was Bhishma So Powerful?

At what age Dronacharya died?

Nakul and Shadeva’s age was 105 years and 6 months.

Krishna’s age at the time of death was 106 years.

And Kaurava’s age at the time of death was 71 years..

Who is stronger Karna or Arjuna?

He had the mentor ship of the great Bhisma himself. This could make him the better warrior since he probably has more experience. In the war we see that Arjuna beat Karna in battle.

Can Bhishma defeat Arjuna?

Arjuna defeated Bhishma because he was the better of the two in every way. He was trained under Shiva and Krishna also.. He was Drona’s best student.. 5.

Why did Arjuna kill Subhadra?

Subhadra was Krishna’s half-sister; some say she was yogmaya, a reincarnation of Durga, sent down to be part of the cause of the wicked Kamsa’s death. When there was danger of Subhadra being married off to the clearly unsuitable Duryodhana, Krishna suggested that Arjuna abduct her.

Who was the best archer in the world?

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Who is more powerful Bhishma or Dronacharya?

Bheeshma is son of Godess Ganga who had killed many demons in war and she was teacher of Kartikeya (son of Shiva and Parvati). Bheeshma had boon of Ichchha Mrutyu & Drona couldn’t defeated by anyone till weapon in his hands. … Bhishma was more powerful than Dronacharya.

Did Bhishma go heaven?

Bhishma went to the heaven bacause he died in the kuruksetra war. Any warrior how dies in the war that man goes to heaven. Although bhishma have echa mruthyu vardan with the help of this boon he can die when he wants. with the help of this boon he died in the uttarayana after the war.

Who can defeat Bhishma?

Kalki:- Only Kalki other than Krishna (kalki is also krishna) – can kill bheeshma as well. Shikandani: If Bheeshma opens his arrows shikandhani will not stay for more than 3 seconds.

Does duryodhana go to heaven?

Hence, when the Pandavas saw Duryodhana in heaven after death and asked Lord Yamaraj how Duryodhana reached there, the justification was given by the Lord. They were told that he had served his share of punishment in hell and was then sent to heaven for his good deeds.

Did Bhishma know that Krishna was God?

As Bhishma lay on the arrow bed, Lord Krishna asked him if he was worried about anything. Bhishma replied that no one who had seen Krishna would be worried. The Lord then asked Bhishma to clear Yudhishtra’s doubts. Bhishma humbly submitted that there was nothing he knew that the Lord did not know.

Is Karna go to heaven?

It’s a great myth that Karna goes to hell, According to Mahabharata, Karna was devoted to heaven himself by lord Krishna. And the story goes as this: When Karna was highly injured after the war and was in last stage of his life, lord Krishna disguised as a sage proceeds towards Karna and asks for bhikcha (alms).

Who can defeat Arjuna?

BabruvahanaBabruvahana defeated Arjuna and killed him. To kill Arjuna Babruvahana used the divine weapon. This divine weapon would kill any person-even monstrous demons. Soon Arjuna got killed because of a curse given to Arjuna by Ganga- Bhishma’s mother.

Did Arjun marry his cousin?

Yes Arjun and Subhadra were cousins. Arjun’s mother Kunti and Subhadra’s father Vasudev were biological siblings (brother-sister). During Mahabharat period cousin marriages were common.

Was Bhishma more powerful than Arjuna?

Arjuna is more powerful than Bhishma. Because Arjuna is an incarination of Lord Vishnu. Also he has the most powerful weapon Pasupatha asthra which is more powerful than the Bhramasthra. Also Arjuna is known as Savyasachin which means the one who can shoot arrows in both hands.

Was Karna stronger than Bhishma?

No. Karna is not powerful than Bhishma. Bhishma is only next to Shri Krishna in terms of power and warrior capabilities.

At what age Arjuna died?

Arjuna lived 125 years and 02 months.

Can Karna defeat Bhishma?

No. Impossible. Bhishma defeated Karna’s guru Parashurama. Bhishma was blessed.

Was Bhishma the strongest?

Bhishma possess the terrible wisdom and the prowess that makes him one of the strongest man of his era. If I make a list of top five warriors of mahabharata.. It would be as. There has never been a warrior so great as bhishma.

Who is the powerful man in Mahabharata?

BarbarikHere’s The Story Of Barbarik- The Most Powerful Warrior In Mahabharata. Before the Mahabharat war began, Lord Krishna asked all the warriors how many days it would take them to finish the war alone. Bhisma replied it would take him 20 days. Dronacharya said he would take 25 days.

How Bhishma was killed?

Later Krishna told Arjuna how he could bring down Bhishma, through the help of Shikhandi. … He was then felled in battle by Arjuna, pierced by innumerable arrows. With Sikhandhi in front, Bhishma did not even look at that direction, Arjuna shot arrows at Bhishma, piercing his entire body.

At what age did Krishna died?

125 years 7 monthsLord Krishna was 125 years 7 months at the time of his death.