Quick Answer: Why Did Floki Betray Ragnar?

Why did floki turn against Ragnar?

Floki hates Athelstan with a passion, and he shares Horik’s hate towards Christians and their gods as well.

Ragnar is becoming more and more accepting of Christianity and has become extremely close with Athelstan as well, which may hold some justification as to why Floki is angry with Ragnar..

Why did they kill Ragnar?

The basic goal of Ragnar’s death was to set up the destruction of both King Ecbert and King Ælle. … He tricked Ecbert into believing this crime was forgiven so that Ecbert would hand him over to Ælle for execution and let Ivar go free, but in fact told Ivar to take revenge on both Ælle and Ecbert.

Does floki get caught?

When Floki got back to Kattegat he can feel his freedom until he got arrested by Bjorn. The arrest follows for the dead of Athelstan.

Is floki bad in Vikings?

Floki is undeniably a ridiculous person in many respects, so much so that one is likely to forget that he is actually a very serious and skilled specialist in woodwork. That is, after all, the reason Floki was brought into the fold of the narrative in the first place; Ragnar needed him to make boats for his journey.

Is floki the god Loki?

They believe Floki could even be Loki, a god from Norse mythology who was the God of Mischief, and has been portrayed in a number of films including Marvel’s Thor. Ludwig spoke to TV Guide News about the theory and whether there was any truth in it, he said: “I believe so, I believe that’s a very interesting one.

Will floki kill Rollo?

When the Norsemen are on the brink of being annihilated, Floki persuades Horik to retreat along with Ragnar, Lagertha and some others, leaving a critically injured Rollo behind.

Is floki a traitor?

Then there is Floki, the once beloved shipbuilder turned traitor and murderer. Bjorn surprises everyone when he has Floki arrested for the murder of Athelstan. … Ragnar had been content letting things lie for the time being with Floki, and now his hand has been forced.

How does Ragnar punish floki?

As punishment for his slaying of Aethelstan, Floki is tied up naked and upright in a cave and tortured by water dripping from the cave’s roof: an overt reference to the punishment of Loki with serpent venom.

Is floki alive?

Do not proceed if you haven’t watched season 6B of Vikings. The final season of Vikings forced fans to say goodbye to many beloved characters, but it also brought some back from the (presumed) dead. That was true of Gustaf Skarsgård’s Floki, an original character who was seemingly killed off at the end of season 5.

What happens to floki in the cave?

Looking to find the gods, he gets further into the cave, which happens to be in a volcano. He finds a sculpture of a cross inside, and in disbelief, he laughs and cries. But the erupting volcano causes the cave to bury him inside the rubble.

Who killed Ragnar’s sons?

Ragnar Lothbrok had five sons – Bjorn Ironside (with his first wife, Lagertha), Ube, Sigurd, Hvitserk, and Ivar Ragnarsson (with his second wife, Aslaug) – who don’t have the most brotherly relationship. Case in point: the murder of Sigurd by Ivar.

Who killed floki?

Lots of Vikings during both parts of Season 6, including Bjorn, Ubbe and later Othere all seemed to think Floki had been killed at the hands of Kjetill, though many seemed determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. As it turns out, however, that was a misdirect from Vikings creator Michael Hirst.

How old was Ragnar when he died in real life?

It’s unknown which year Vikings season 4 is set in, and as Ragnar didn’t seem to age much throughout the series, fans get confused over his age. The “real” Ragnar might have died sometime between 852 and 856, which in the series would have made him 89-93 years old, which doesn’t seem possible.

Why do the Vikings lick the seers hand?

As not much is known about the religious practices of the Vikings, those seen in the series are mostly fictional, and licking the hand of the Seer came up as a sign of respect towards someone with contact with the gods. This gesture has also made way for a fan theory regarding Floki and the new oracle.

Does floki betray Ragnar?

To prove to Horik he is trustworthy, Floki poisons Torstein. … Arriving in the main hall, he discovers Torstein alive, and sees that Floki and Siggy did not betray Ragnar. Ragnar and his closest circle kills Horik and claims his “King’s Sword”, while Ragnar’s men slaughter all of Horik’s children, save Erlendur.

Why did floki kill Torstein?

In the last episode of Season 2, Torstein is seemingly killed by Floki with poisonous mushrooms in an effort to win the trust of King Horik. … Later, when Horik attacks Kattegat and enters Ragnar’s great hall, the hooded figure Horik initially assumes is Ragnar turns out to be Torstein, alive and well.

How was Ragnar killed?

How did Ragnar Lothbrok die? According to the Gesta Danorum of Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus, Ragnar Lothbrok was captured by the Anglo-Saxon king Aella of Northumbria and thrown into a snake pit to die.

Who was Ragnar’s most famous son?

Bjorn IronsideBjorn Ironside No, not the wheelchair-bound detective from the 1970s TV show. This Ironside was a legendary Swedish king who may be familiar to fans of Vikings on the History Channel. Bjorn was the son of Ragnar Lothbrok and was renowned for the raids he led on France, England and along the Mediterranean coastline.

Does floki kill the priest?

Athelstan became a fan favorite thanks to his relationship with Ragnar and his family, especially his daughter Gyda. Sadly, Athelstan was killed by Floki in season 3 – but why did Hirst decide to kill off such a beloved character?