Quick Answer: How Many Places Does The Crore Period Have?

How many places are there in lakhs period?

six placesThere are six places in the lakhs place..

How much are 1 million youtube views worth?

1 million views — between $3,400 and $40,000 (6 creators)

What comes next after billion?

After a billion, of course, is trillion. Then comes quadrillion, quintrillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, and decillion.

What is after Kharab?

These include 1 arab (equal to 100 crore or 1 billion), 1 kharab (equal to 100 arab or 100 billion), 1 nil (sometimes incorrectly transliterated as neel; equal to 100 kharab or 10 trillion), 1 padma (equal to 100 nil or 1 quadrillion), 1 shankh (equal to 100 padma or 100 quadrillion), and 1 mahashankh (equal to 100 …

How many zeros are there in Kharab?

1. Converting the Units ManuallyUnitsZerosFormat1 Lakh5 zeros100,00010 Lakh6 zeros1000,0001 Crore7 zeros10,000,0001 Arab9 zeros1000,000,0004 more rows•Sep 11, 2019

How many places does crore have?

Suppose, let us understand the Indian system by using number 1: ones (1), tens (10), hundreds (100), thousands (1000), ten thousands (10000), lakhs (1,00,000), ten lakhs (10,00,000), crores (1,00,00,000), ten crores (10,00,00,000) etc.

What are the places in the millions period?

Complete step-by-step answer:PeriodPlace ValuePlace Value (Numerical)MILLIONSMillions1,000,000Ten Millions10,000,000Hundred Millions100,000,000BILLIONSBillions1,000,000,0008 more rows

What is the place value of crore?

For Indian SystemPlace Value Chart For Indian SystemCroresThousandsTen Crores (TC) (10, 00,00,000)Crores (C) (1, 00,00,000)Ten- Thousands (TTh) (10,000)

How many thousands does it take to make 1 million?

NumberNameHow Many1,000one thousandten hundreds10,000ten thousandten thousands100,000one hundred thousandone hundred thousands1,000,000one millionone thousand thousands1 more row

What is the period of 9 in 23908543?

Hundred thousandAnswer: The period of 9 in 23,908,543 is Hundred thousand. Step-by-step explanation: Hope it helps you..

What is Period value math?

When a number is written in standard form, each group of digits separated by a comma is called a period . The number 5,913,603,800 has four periods. Each period is shown by a different color in the place value chart.

How many lakhs make a million?

10 Lakhs10 Lakhs = 1 Million = 1 followed by 6 Zeros = 1,000,000. Similarly here, 1 Crore = 10 Million = 1 followed by 7 Zeros = 10,000,000.

How much is a zillion?

Zillion may represent ANY very large power of a thousand, certainly larger than a trillion, and maybe even a vigintillion or centillion ! Just as a million had spawned the Chuquet illions, the “zillion” also had many follow ups.

What 3 digits are in the thousands period?

Notice that the digits 3, 0, and 2, are in the thousands period. This represents “three hundred two thousand”. In the ones period are the digits 0, 2, and 0, which represent twenty. To the right of the decimal point are the digits 0, 2, 0, and 1.

How do you write 5 lakhs?

Note: We found that some people call it 5 lakhs or 5 lac, but the correct way to say it is 5 lakh (lakh without the trailing “s”).

How do you write 3 lakhs?

Note: We found that some people call it 3 lakhs or 3 lac, but the correct way to say it is 3 lakh (lakh without the trailing “s”).

How many millions does it take to make 1 billion?

1000 millionsA million is 1000 thousands, a billion is 1000 millions, and a trillion is 1000 billions.

What does 1million mean?

one thousand thousand1 million means one thousand thousand, in maths. … One million (i.e., 1,000,000) one thousand thousand. This is the natural number (or counting number) followed by 999,999 and preceded by 1,000,001.