How Do You Say Sorry In Kashmiri?

How do you say brother in Kashmiri?

This page is about Kashmiri Meaning of Brother to answer the question, “What is the Meaning of Brother in Kashmiri, (Brother)?”…Brother Meaning in Kashmiri.WordMeaningGrammarBrotherسَکھ دوسNoun4 more rows.

What is Apple called in Kashmiri?

Treil Apple5 Treil Apple is Treil in Kashmiri.

What is sister called in Kashmiri?

Sister In Law Meaning in KashmiriWordMeaningGrammarSister In LawزامNoun

What is Kitchen called in Kashmiri?

कॉशुर Kashmiri meaning of ‘kitchen’ kitchen = دانہٕ کُٹھ | danhٕ kُṭh.

What is Wolf called in Kashmiri?

Wolf Meaning in KashmiriWordMeaningGrammarWolfبےٚ رحم نَفَرNounWolfبےٚاِنصافNounWolfرامہٕ ہوٗنNounWolfظٲلِمNoun

What is the famous of Kashmir?

Kashmir is an important tourist destination and has been a place of attraction for tourists for centuries. The lush green forests, sweet springs, perennial rivers, picturesque alpine scenery and pleasant climate of Kashmir valley, has remained an internationally acclaimed tourist destination.

What is girl called in Kashmiri?

koorA girl is called “koor” in kashmiri and the word chober is an immoral word used by guys to describe a gorgeous girl using obscence language. The word (chobber) is usually considered as negative comment.

What is husband called in Kashmiri?

Husband Meaning in KashmiriWordMeaningGrammarHusbandخانٛدارروٗنNoun

How do you say love in Kashmiri?

8 Exclusively Kashmiri Ways of Expressing LoveKashmiris have their own versions of ‘Honey’ ‘Sugarplum’ and ‘Sweetheart’s. They get replaced by ‘hish’, ‘yepaer haz’, ‘bozan chukaz”. … Image credit: liptonchaiblog. … Image credit ROFLKashmir. … Kashmir has a wide range of exquisite seasons. … The Shikara rides and the beautiful Dal Lake. … Cover Photo by Luzina Khan.Apr 2, 2017

What is the main food of Kashmir?

RiceKashmiri cuisine is the cuisine of the Kashmir Valley in the Indian Subcontinent. Rice is the staple food of Kashmiris and has been so since ancient times. Meat, along with rice, is the most popular food item in Kashmir.

Which district in Kashmir is most dangerous?

PulwamaPulwama is the deadliest place in the Kashmir Valley, shows a data collected between the year 2014 and 2019. Pulwama has seen the maximum number of suicide attacks and explosions. The area also has the highest number of active militants. Between 2014 and 2019, a total of 139 incidents of attacks have been reported.

How are you translate in Kashmiri?

Basic ConversationEnglishKashmiri Translation1NamaskarNamaskar2Namaskar, how are you?Namaskar. Tohi chiva varay3I am fineAhan mahra varay4I am RaviMe chu nav Ravi14 more rows

What is I love you in Kashmiri language?

Useful phrases in KashmiriEnglishकॉशुर (Kashmiri)I miss youMe chhu chyon yaad yiwaanI love youTske chhuk myon jigurGet well soonGachiv theek jaldGo away!च़ल! (tsa!)52 more rows

What is family called in Kashmiri?

Fathers brothers wife in Kashmiri is called Pihchin. Fathers brother is called Pitar. Wife’s brother in Kashmiri is called Hahar. Brothers wife is called Bayikakin. Brother’s son, a nephew is called Babathar.

What is the name of Kashmiri language?

KoshurKashmiri (English: /kæʃˈmɪəri/) or Koshur (كٲشُر, कॉशुर, 𑆑𑆾𑆯𑆶𑆫, /kəːʃur/) is a language from the Dardic subgroup of Indo-Aryan languages, spoken by around 7 million Kashmiris, primarily in the Indian adminstered union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

What do Kashmiris eat for breakfast?

12 breakfast recipes from Kashmir to tryNoon Chai. Made from green tea leaves, milk, salt and baking soda, this pink Kashmiri chai is cooked in a traditional metal container called a samovar. … Chhir Chot. … Kahwa. … Girda. … Lavasa Masala Tchot. … Bakarkhani. … Chochwor. … Harisa.More items…•Oct 10, 2020

What does Kashmiri taste like?

The Kashmiri Red Chili is well-known for it’s vibrant red hue. It is used for for it’s coloring properties rather than it’s heat. It tastes like a slightly spicy paprika. The heat-tone would still be classified as mild, but it possesses a lingering warmth.

What is pancreas called in Kashmiri?

Pancreas. لَبلَبہٕ Noun. Govt. Jobs in Jammu & Kashmir.